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As I write this, we are exactly half way through the year 2020. It’s definitely been a very different year than anyone had hoped for, planned for, or expected. As everything we know changes daily, and all plans need to be made with the knowledge that they may change again (even at the very last moment), we are forced into living in the moment. Being in the moment is a good lesson, one that people try their whole lives to grasp. We’re being forced to grasp it now and it can be emotional. I’m choosing to see this “being in the moment” part of it as good… trying to remind myself when it all feels too big and uncertain that, “In this moment. Right now. I’m fine.” With this knowledge, I once again head into another month of class plans, and hope that they will run as scheduled. I’m continuing Tuesday adult and kid classes on Zoom. The one summer camp that I will be teaching with my daughter will take place outside, with lots of distance, and masks when working closer to students individually. This class is capped at 6 students. There are 3 spaces still available. If your child is interested in animation, they will enjoy this!

It’s been interesting and educational to go with the flow and adapt to new ways of teaching. It’s been emotional (as my last month’s update expressed) and technically challenging for sure but I’m doing my best to carry on. I hope I’m able to bring your children some knowledge and fun and pride in their work. I hope I’m supporting my lovely Tuesday adult class in their artistic journey even if it takes place in a screen and through sending images back and forth via text. I’d love you to join us for your own creative journey. I’d love your children to join us if it’s something that appeals to them. In whatever form or platform, when all else fails, I hope you are able to keep creating.

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