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Creative Indulgence

In our new podcast episode with author Melissa Bond (linked below), the word “indulgence” was touched upon just before our time ran out. This morning as I was thinking about the upcoming month of February, I wove my way back to this word. I thought of it as being a month of indulgences… chocolate, love, pink & red hearts, jewelry, passion, dining, candy hearts with terms of endearment, frosted sugar cookies… and I thought about how for many, to take the time to give space to a creative project is a pure indulgence. It’s often thought of as something to do after all the minutia of life is taken care of. How hard it is for many to realize that a creative practice can be a part of self care (another topic deeply discussed in the last 2 episodes). Our creative time can be journaling, sketching, carefully deciding which spices to add to a recipe, or for some, the source of livelihood (which can bring about a whole lot of other interesting aspects to the mix). What is it you allow yourself to indulge in? Is there anything creative that you’ve been putting off? I encourage you to use this month and indulge!

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