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Different but the Same

I stumbled upon this photo of a project I did with Jordon Valley School and Art Access VSA a few years ago. It was a project done by elementary aged typical children and children with varying special needs. The theme was "Different but the Same". Upon finding it, I thought more and more about this past year and how we are all different but the same. How we've found gems in the quietness, solitude and quarantine, and how there have been struggles emotionally, financially, or physically. Some have found more in one or the other. Some have not survived the struggles and some have thrived. It's been a long year to say the least. As thought processes go, this led me down the path of how our art and artistic practices are also different but the same. There is a need to create in all of us, be it visual art, song, cooking, knitting, game design, photography, dance, beats, or beautiful gardens. We create without knowing that we are being creative. I wonder if we recognized this in ourselves as we are doing it, if the outcome would be different? Would we appreciate the process and play of it more? Would we work from a place of being in the moment more? Would we be less or more attached to the final product? I wonder. These are the things I wonder when I stumble upon an old photo...


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