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Embrace Uncertainty

Welcome 2022. I approach you cautiously. I enter with my hopes and wishes. Yet I enter with my eyes wide open. I know that the reality is that no matter how much we plan and set goals or intentions, the world will have its way with us. All things can suddenly be jumbled up, turned upside down, like a shaken snowglobe. Our direction and plans can change in a snap. This has been my lesson of this pandemic and my take away from 2021. It was a year shadowed by loss and heaviness for me personally. A year of questions that will never be answered. I step into this new year with my continuing mantra, “embrace uncertainty” and also remembering that it is through art that I have worked through grief and celebrated happiness throughout my life. The making of art, in any form, is so valid. This is something I deeply believe. This is why I teach, why I created a podcast, why I paint and write, and why I am fascinated with all the things of this world created by the spark of an idea in someone’s brain. This is why I put forth these offerings each month.

Happy "uncertain" 2022!


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