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Creating Art in the New Year

Happy 2023! 🎉

The world keeps spinning and we all keep hanging on. These past few years have shown us just how resilient we are. It's taught us to roll with the punches with little attachment to the moment because from one to another, it can shift into something unexpected. Unexpected can be hard but, it can also be beautiful and provide fertile ground for something creative. I'm encouraging you, as well as myself, to look ahead at the clean slate of a new year with curiosity and exploration. What do I have to say with a blank canvas, paints, and a brush? What do we have to say with our poems, songs, and stories? What if we have nothing to say and just push the paint around, drop words on a paper, or start gluing random found objects together and see what happens? In the unexpected, something interesting might emerge.

It's in this vein that I invite you and your children to come play in the studio. Below you will find details for my class offerings. All of my classes at this time are supportive of individual levels, goals, mediums, and styles. These are not classes that everyone will take home the same painting or project. My role is to support, guide, and introduce you to the technical aspects and materials you'll need to create your own art. This is true for the children's class as well.

I hope you will join me in this new year!

Wishing you a year of creativity in whatever form that may take,



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