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I’m very honored to have been a part of this very important book. Despite it being categorized as a children’s book, I believe we all become childlike when taken by grief and I recommend the wisdom and guidance for all ages who are experiencing it, which we all will.


Although I am listed as the first illustrator, I must clarify that it is truly my talented daughter Aria Hancock @opthedragon who illustrated the majority of it. I painted the watercolor background settings and oversaw the art direction, but it is Aria who brings the characters and life to the vision. I couldn’t be more proud of her.


Thank you Carrie Black for taking that hard journey of your own grief and using it to write the book you wished for and needed. What a gift you have created to give the world and help others. Thank you Becky Bowles for your guidance and work with Carrie to make this become real.


It is available through The King’s English Bookstore, I also have some copies on hand available for purchase. For therapist who would like to use it in their practice, there is a large discount. I can help you with that or you can fill out the form at Filling the Gap PublishingContact me for more information.

“Sometimes illness wins. More often we win. And, we’re getting better all the time.”

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