Bag Art Class


A variety of projects in a little brown bag and video instructions to let your little ones create whenever the time is right.


Brown Bag Art Projects include:

  • Supplies needed for the project

  • List of any household items you might need that are not included (for example scissors)

  • Snack 

  • Link to video instructions


when possible, supplies will be packaged in repurposed containers 

some supplies are small so keep out of reach of young children

What is a Brown Bag Art Class?

Current Options

Available immediately: 

1-3D Paper Sculpture


2-Learn How to Paint Trees 

3-Kindness Project

Available 2 weeks from time of order:

4-Found Poetry Art

5-Drawing - Shading Techniques

6-Drawing - Learning How to See

7-Build a Bird Feeder

8-Magazine Bead Jewelry

9-Op Art

11-Positive & Negative Space



Please Allow 2 weeks from date of order. Some bags will be ready sooner.

Cost per Bag $15

      4 or more $12/each

additional cost for shipping will be applied

To Order: contact me with a list of specific projects you would like and an invoice will be sent to you. If this is continued,  I'll figure out a smoother way to order. Bear with me for a bit as I try it out!

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