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What's New and Uncertain...

Creativity is messy and vulnerable and uncertain.

The world is messy and vulnerable and uncertain right now too.

When we’re in a creative frenzy, everything else is left undone… all energy is going into the process. There are elements moving around into a composition and the modeling of this idea that is much bigger than the initial spark. I think that’s why often things don’t move beyond the idea into the world. It’s messy and scary. It takes time for this idea to grow its wings and leave the nest and if it’s not nourished, it never will.

There’s a sense in this uncertainty of creating (and the world right now) that makes us have to “Be Here Now” because right now there’s not a lot we can be sure of in the future. So we plan as if, and alter that if need be. Life has always been like this. It’s just more pronounced and on a global level now. We usually just move through our own cycle of it. Art and creativity require us to be in the moment with all its messiness and vulnerability and uncertainty. It’s a practice in moving things out and through us. It’s important in hard times. So we make stuff and if we’re brave, we throw it out to the world. I think the world has a lot of new creations brewing. I think we can’t be sure of anything beyond this moment.

So in our creating, be free. Be in the moment.

I offer classes knowing that they will likely ebb and flow into something different than they look to me now. If you are able to join me on this journey, I’d love to share it with you or your beautiful children. If not, I will be putting out a link to a few free art projects for your kids in the next week. I also offer to you my latest creation with my husband that has been brewing for 3 years and has been scary to launch because of the vulnerability of doing new things. I do hope it will inspire you to find ways to express yourself too.

Wishing you all the best in these moments of uncertainty.

One day at a time. One moment at a time.



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