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Weeding. For the first time in my life I'm creating a garden. There's a metaphor in there somewhere I'm sure. There's a simpleness that has been very therapeutic during the state of the world right now. Chop wood, carry water, pull a weed, plant something new... repeat. Art is the same. paint a stroke, play a note, write a line... repeat. Eventually you build something beautiful, or at least interesting. I'm realizing that winter will be here before I know it and since we don't know what will happen, I really want to see people and young artists in person if possible. I've figured out how to do some social distant and safe practices in some outdoor classes. The weather is cooling down and by chance, I have a really big backyard and Sugarhouse Park is so close to my studio. I'm seizing this moment and the temperatures to do as many classes as possible before it gets too cold. I'd love you or your kids to join me if any of these offerings call to you! Speaking of my studio, I am there so little now. My personal painting takes place in my home studio. I'm looking for a person (or a few persons) who might be interested in having a day or two a week to use the space for their own creative endeavors. Take a look at the details below.  I hope you're enjoying the outdoors and "weeding and planting" in your own ways! I'd love to see what "blooms" from it! Happy Harvest!


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