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Creating in Changing Times

Going into this final month of summer with so much up in the air! Will my kids physically go to school or go online? How will things look one month from now when everything is changing literally every day? How do we keep from trying to see the future when it's never been so uncertain before? We're going into the 5th month of this new world and it's hard to not get disheartened sometimes. I find myself chanting, "this too shall pass" and "embrace uncertainty" over and over again...

I also find that diving into a creative project, whether it be putting together new spins on classes I've taught for years or creating something very unlike I've ever taught before, (for example the Brown Bag Art Class) always brings me happiness and will hopefully bring it to others as well.

Mostly, being able to sit down and paint or write really brings me to the moment. I hope you are finding those creative outlets too; whether it be gardening, cooking, writing music, or any other creative endeavor. If you'd like some prompting for your projects, check out our podcast. We've been slow to put more out with the state of the world feeling so heavy sometimes but a new episode is up and hopefully will give you some inspiration.

Wishing you moments of inspiration, hope, and creativity...


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